Add Virtual Pillars To Your Remote Business

Your remote business operations would no longer suffice your business requirements if you don't offer them the right solution. Simple access to the company's systems won't suffice your needs, there is a lot more you have to focus on. With SWAI, get the perfect solution to manage your systems, processes and people in no time.



SwAi is the result of innovation that drives feasibility and seamless working facilities. This unique product with enhanced capabilities enables you to amplify your work force's capability and make the operations free from location constraints. It is equipped with plenty of features and security measures to mitigate risk and offer potential decentralized command.

Grab The Most Cost-Effective Solution:
With minimized physical office footprint, you are ready to save a lot of money on transportation and office maintenance. The virtual environment reduces admin support while cutting the software cost.
Scale Business With Automation
SWAI brings you effective automation ease to let various processes function automatically.
Drive Growth With Focus On Core Business
The exclusive innovation of Previse brings you SwAi equipped with self-serve admin features to help you reduce IT operational time and further focus on your core business.



SWAI software combines the exclusive capabilities to operate a remote business efficiently. It has a smart infrastructure that offers accelerated management. Made with robust technologies and designs, this software is there to secure your business during hard times. Get your business on track with SWAI and implement IT at it's highest potential.

The Inclusion of Web Application Firewall To Secure Your Fortress

With our web application firewall, you are ready to restrict unnecessary HTTP traffic and monitor secure functioning of your web applications. Our WAF benefits

  1. Disparate workforce administration
  2. Complete supervision and control over a remote business network

Equipped With Highest Safety Measures Like User Authentication, SSL Encryption & VPN

Previse lays the highest importance to the security of your business, hence our SWAI software is equipped with the leading technology in the cybersecurity world. With MFA authentication and SSL encryption, you get the best safety at hand.

Compliant & Ready For Future Consequences

The SWAI software by Previse is equipped with vulnerability remediation to mitigate any risks to your virtual business environment. Moreover, our software is compliant with PCI and E.G that makes it highly secure and extremely beneficial.



Let our work do the talking

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